Newport Elks Lodge #273

B.P.O.E., Cold Spring, KY 859-441-1273

2019-2020 Officers

2019-2020 Lodge Officers

  • Exalted Ruler:        Ray Pauly, Jr, PER, PDDGER, KEA 2nd Vice President
  • Leading Knight:      Linda Caldwell, PER
  • Loyal Knight:         Walter D Andrews, PER
  • Lecturing Knight:    Don Spradlin, PER
  • Esquire:                 Dan Bray, PER, PDDGER
  • Secretary:     open
  • Treasurer:             TIM WAGNER 
  • Inner Guard:          Nancy Roell
  • Tiler:                     Ken Krebs
  • Chaplain:               Jim Stauback, PER, PDDGER
  • Presiding Justice:    Kathy Frommeyer, PER, PLP
  • Trustee:                 Dan Halfhill, Chairman
  • Trustee:                 Scott Helman, PER
  • Trustee:                 Mark Kluntz
  • Trustee:                 Joe Lawson
  • Trustee:                 Dan Hildeibrand
  • Sweepstakes:          Brent Cable 


2018-2019  Officer of the Year   Kenneth A Krebs    Tiler

2018-2019  Elk of the Year        Kathy Frommeyer,  PER, PLP

2018-2019  Elk's Distinguished Citizenship Award     Daniel Hildebrand

Ladies Aux. 2019-2020 Officers

President                           – Shady Orth  859-635-4879

Vice President                   – Terry Amiott, PLP

Treasurer                           – Vicky Pauly, PLP/PSLP

Recording Secretary         – Pam Torrano 

Corresponding Secretary – Connie Steffen

Publicity Chair                   – Maria Webster

Chaplain                             – Rhonda / Gwen Johnson

Birthday Chair                   – Karen Markus

Entertainment                   – Dottie Caldwell

                                               Mary Inabnitt

                                               Denna Inabnitt                              

Sweepstakes                     – Karen Kuntz PLP


Past Presidents - Ladies Auxiliary Newport Elks #273

      Kathy Frommeyer   PER    1979 , 1996

      Terry Amiott                    1986

      Holly Saylor                     1988

      Daisy Napier   PSLP          1989 

      Marilyn Ice                      1992

      Mary Lawson                   1993 , 2005 

      Janet Landers                  1994 , 2017

      Bev Ziegler                      1995

      Sara McVicker                  1998 , 2000

      Vicky Pauly     PSLP          1999 , 2006

      M. Fran Bray PER              2001

      Karen Kuntz                     2004 , 2007

      Debbie Hornsby                2009

      Gloria Crowe                     2010 , 2016

      Candy Stauback                2014 , 2015

       Rhonda Johnson              2018



Friday Night Dinner Menu

ALL SET-UPS : (except Nuggets) include Cole Slaw and    
choice of (1): Fries - or - Onion Rings - or - Mac & Cheese    
choice of : White, Wheat, or Rye Bread - or - White Bun (new)    
Fish/Steak/Shrimp/3 Chicken Planks -- SET-UP ………….. $9.00 $9.25
Fish/Steak Sandwich/Shrimp or 3 Chicken Planks…………. $6.50 $6.75
Cheeseburger -- SET-UP ……………….. $6.00 $6.25
Cheeseburger Sandwich . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.00 $4.25
Hamburger -- SET-UP ………………….. $5.50 $5.75
Hamburger Sandwich …………………….. $3.50 $3.75
Chicken Nuggets --SET-UP (no slaw) $4.50 $4.75
Chicken Nuggets ………………………….. $3.00 $3.25

Shrimp  --SET-UP  

Shrimp (5)


$ 7.00


  $ 7.25

NOTE: EXTRA BUN = $0.50 EXTRA BREAD: $0.25    (Peanut oil used for frying)
French Fries - ONION RINGS - MAC & CHEESE…………………………………….. $2.50  $2.75
Extra Piece of Fish/Chicken Plank……………………………… $2.50  $2.50
Cole Slaw……………………………………….. $1.25  $1.25
Hush Puppies (4 in an order)…………………. $1.25  $1.25
Coffee……………………………………………. $0.75  0.75


Americanism Daisy Napier, Bob Sansom  
Anniversary Dinner Ken Bray, Dan Bray  
Auditing Bill Woodruff, David Eglian  
Bingo T Amiott, D. Napier, B Sansom  
Birthdays Russ Cramer, Jr  
Bowling Sam Taylor, Larry Etler  
Boy Scouts Scott Hehman, ER  
By-Laws & Resolutions Dan Bray, Russ Cramer, Jr.  
Charity & Welfare Ray Pauly Jr, Bill Frommeyer Sr  
Derby Day Bill Frommeyer Sr  
Drug Awareness Walter Andrews This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Elk of the Year CONFIDENTIAL  
Entertainment Sam Taylor, Daisy Napier  
Family Picnic Daisy Napier  
Flag Day Scott Hehman, ER  
Friendship Fund Russ Cramer, Jr.  
Golf Stag Dave Orth  
Government Relations Ray Pauly, Jr  
Hoop Shoot Bill Frommeyer Sr, Steve Discher  
Horseshoes Sam Taylor  
Inaugural Reception Scott Hehman, ER  
Indoctrination Scott Hehman, ER  
Lapsation Russ Cramer, Jr  
Lodge Activities Linda Caldwell  
Membership Russ Cramer, Jr  
Memorial Service Ray & Vicky Pauly  
National Foundation Russ Cramer, Jr  
National Svr Commission Ken Bray, Scott Hehman  
PER Pictures Ray & Vicky Pauly  
Publicity Bill Woodruff, Melvin Whitehead  
Recreation Committee Joe Lawson, Joe Amiott  
Ritual Coach Russ Cramer, Jr  
Scholarships Ray Pauly, Jr, Dan Bray  
Sickness & Distress Russ Cramer, Jr, Chair Officers  
Soccer Shoot Linda Caldwell  
State Major Project Tim Amend, S. Taylor, S. Hehman  
Stray Elks Russ Cramer, Jr  
Sweepstakes Vicky Pauly  
Tablets of Love & Memory Ray Pauly, Jr  
Turkey Raffle Kathy Frommeyer  
Youth Activities Ray Pauly, Jr, Linda Caldwell  

Softball Leagues







6/27/20 UPDATE

Schedules for Wednesday Ladies and Tuesday/Thursday Men's Leagues have been posted below. All three leagues will start next week (6/30, 7/1 and 7/2). Each night will be different in its format but hopefully work for those teams.

Updated Rules and Regulations have also been posted below. These include Covid 19 precautions that we will post as our suggestions, however we do not anticipate policing these rules and will depend upon the players to do the right thing and play in a safe manner.

Our concession stand will be open for beer and snacks, however we may not have extra balls for purchase the first week. Teams are responsible for providing backup balls in the case of the game ball being hit out of play, and apparently the GSL 44/400 ball will be considered an approved alternative to the WSL 44-core that is called for (black stitches instead of red). Please bring a few playable backup balls next week.

Please contact Dave (513 233-5510 voice or text or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with any questions and we look forward to seeing you at the field next week.








2020 Field Rules & Regulations


2020 Tuesday Night Men's Schedule and Scores


2020 Wednesday Night Women's Schedule and Scores


2020 Thursday Night Men's Schedule and Scores




Our Leagues are structured to be sustainable in their current format only with your support at our concession stand. Please help us by purchasing your drinks and snacks at the games. Thanks so much for your support.


No alcohol is allowed to be consumed on Newport Elks property unless it is purchased from us. Any person consuming alcohol found in violation of this rule will be asked to leave our premises and Highland Hts police may be called. This is a violation of our alcohol license and we will deal with any violations of this rule in a very serious manner.





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Wed Jul 08 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
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Fri Jul 10 @ 4:30PM - 07:30PM
Fish Fry

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Weekly Members Dinner

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